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Hi friends.

I am Vishwas ...

Life is the name of crossing a thousand obstacles. You have seen the river flowing. The exit from the tents is fast and the voice is also intense, as the little boy takes the birth at the time of birth, both the direction and the condition of that river. Sometimes they change the land and make them cool, then they take the form of floods and they eventually merge into the destination, ie the sea. Confirms Provided that his goal is to get your life in some good success. People have to be separated from the crowd to get success. I believe that motivational thoughts/stories blog will help you stand out from the line of thousands and give new identity.
 Purpose of writing my blog : -

Friends, many people in this world do not find any purpose in life due to stress. I want to give positivity in them through these blogs. I believe that every person is something unique. If we recognize him then we will definitely get success.

Now I tell you something about myself :-

I am a mechanical engineer professionally and have done Thermal Power M. Tech writing is my hobby, so I want to share my talks with all of you through the blog, though anything can be done after engineering, whether you are an actor, singer, dancer, If the leader can become a poet in October, then he decided to make a motivational speaker, now through comment, like share, you tell me how successful he was.
My goal :-

To move people from negativity to positiveness and forward ...

If you wanted to say something to me, then email. –


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